The Scottish Tenant Farmers Association is asking all tenant farmers to take the time to respond to the Scottish Government’s tenancy survey and in doing so to ensure they complete the correct survey form.

The Scottish Government is currently surveying tenant farmers to inform the Agricultural Holdings Review taking place under the chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead.  Survey questionnaires accompanied by a Freepost return envelope have now been sent to all tenant farmers who also have the option to respond online.

 All responses are being treated in strictest confidence, but each one has a unique reference number to ensure the integrity of the survey.  STFA is cautioning tenants and owner occupiers that any photocopied of the Ipsos Mori forms will invalidate their return.  The Association has been made aware that some tenants have been provided with copied questionnaires from sources other than Ipsos Mori and is concerned that this may affect the survey findings

 STFA Chairman Christopher Nicholson said: “This tenancy survey will be one of the most important to land on tenants’ and owner occupiers doorsteps and we would encourage all tenants to respond as soon as possible as it is important for their views to be heard.  This review represents a unique chance to reform and re-invigorate the tenanted sector, but the Review Group needs to have a clear picture of not only tenancy statistics, but also the wide ranging views of tenant farmers and owner occupiers who rent in land.

“STFA is conducting its own survey so that we can accurately represent the views of our members to the Review group and are encouraging members to respond to both questionnaires”

The Scottish Government will be issuing reminders to those who haven’t responded in the next week or so.  If any tenant has not yet received a questionnaire or is concerned they should contact David Myers of Ipsos Mori on 0808 231 5376 or Fiona Leslie on 0131 244 9920.