Tenants optimistic about Holdings review


The Scottish Tenant Farmers Association has welcomed the Scottish Government’s call for evidence launched today as part of the review of agricultural holdings led by the Cabinet Secretary, Richard Lochchead.  The Review Group has set out its vision for a dynamic and successful tenant farming sector and is now inviting people with relevant experience and insights to contribute evidence and views.

STFA chairman Christopher Nicholson said:  “Policy making decisions emerging from this review will have far reaching consequences for the next few generations of tenant farmers and it is vitally important the government gets it right.  The Review Group’s vision of the future shape of tenant farming is a useful starting point for what will be a long journey.  Times have changed since the last major shake up of tenancy law in 1948 and there is an urgent need to ensure that our tenancy system is fit for the challenges of modern day agriculture.

“STFA is pleased that the Review Group will, amongst other issues, be giving consideration to the absolute right to buy for tenant farmers in secure 1991 secure tenancies.  We hope that this debate will take place in a rational and informed manner taking account of what will be in the long-term public interest of rural Scotland, its economy and communities and the future of agricultural production.

“STFA is just concluding an extensive survey of members and early indications show a desire for radical change.  We will be representing our members’ views and aspirations to the Review Group and will arrange farm visits so the group members can see and appreciate the challenges tenants face first hand.  We will also be encouraging our members to approach the group directly.  There is undoubtedly a mood for change amongst tenant farmers and an optimism that this will be translated into action.”