Tenancy ombudsman looks for information on rent reviews



The Independent Adviser on Tenant Farming, Andrew Thin, has called on landlords and tenants to help provide feedback on recent rent review practices around the country.

The move follows a number of cases where Joint Industry Guidance on conducting rent reviews does not appear to have been followed.

Particular concern has been expressed about an alleged practice of tabling rent proposals well above or below inflation without clear justification or explanation.

In a number of cases this tactic is thought to have led to unnecessary tension between landlords and tenants at a time when industry leaders are promoting greater collaboration.

A failure in some instances to identify the sources of comparable information used in rent proposals has also been highlighted.

This practice contravenes the guidance and makes it almost impossible for the other party to verify the reasonableness of the rent being proposed.

In issuing his call for help Andrew Thin said –

“The majority of rent reviews are conducted without fuss and on the basis of a close mutual understanding between the landlord and tenant. That is as it should be”.

“Most people have found the Joint Industry Guidance helpful, and many are also now using the new Self Help Guide to Rent Reviews”.

“But there are still people out there who are taking an unnecessarily confrontational approach to rent reviews, and who are not following the Joint Industry Guidance”.

“I am encouraging landlords and tenants to get in touch with me if they are aware of such situations. I may be able to directly intervene if that is what people want me to do”.

“At the very least the feedback will help to inform the thinking of government and the industry bodies as we move towards implementation of provisions in the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill”.

The Independent Adviser can be contacted via his web page at